Fill out the form below if you would like to be included in the "Folks in GCB" database.


1)    This list is for self-nominations only.

2)    To update your entry, submit a new one. Then, send at email to letting us know that you have done this. Your previous entry will then be removed. 

3)    We recognize that we cannot identify all underrepresented groups in a single form. We hope that providing the free response box will encourage those to indicate membership in an underrepresented group not currently listed. For example, we do not have an option for gender but women and non-binary folks are encouraged to list themselves.

4) All submitted information is stored in a Google spreadsheet that can be viewed by anyone.  That is to say that the information about how you self-identify and your contact information, should you fill in these optional fields, will be publicly available. 

This format and form is based off of DiversifyEEB, by Baucom and Duffy.